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My Fetish: Culo Have fun, Dildos, Discipline, Supremacy, Foot,

Webcam profile: As some of you know me, I am a nymph total of joy and if I embark believing in my paramours I am a pretty sensual dame also..well that is for you to detect.I love simple things in life, and yes for the ones that ask themselves if I enjoy time here the answer is: Yes ,I love my assets ,love to sense it and yes I do enjoy fuckfest.

Favourite intercourse position: 69, doggystyle )

What I do in my amateur show: Expert menGuys who are not afraid to tell me their fetishesSwitching inbetween Dome and sub

What I don’t like: I do not do anything that will compromise my health, safety, or my job. If it’s against the rules, I don’t do it. I do not tolerate being insulted or harassed. You get one warning, followed by the ban hit.