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My Fetish: soul,voice, deep dark-hued eyes ,black lengthy hair, brig

Webcam profile: ~ Mystical Sensuality ~.. being in this life a psychologist and artist ( abstract, religious and dream grease painting on glass, marble, canvas, stone , creating mosaic in murano glass).. concentrating to become a psychoterapist in Carl Jung look, mingled with detox of body and strengthening entire being by practicing Kryia Yoga, Tai-chi and kung fu martial arts..The language thru my soul voices deepest is by the freedom of motility ~ ancient sacred dances as the Flight of internal Flame.. Fire of the mysterious Perfect that, by searing on Altair ~ warming whole Universe in Muffle..Lifestyle conected with Nature, vegan (more raw splooge & teas), feeding with the unspoiled Enjoy inbetween Sun and Earth by everything is green, fresh and moist.. ” Aspiring to Light, boy becomes Light .. ”~ Food is first-ever step to change consciousness.. .. harming any being from their evolution.. we feed with their anguish transformed into darkness..~ Loving Silence, Introspection, detaching from Earth in internal journeys and finding out.. .. I learned from Flames what we have to burn inwards and that all is ashes.. from everything is dying how to Super-fucking-hot forever.. rising as sacred Phoenix..~ practising meditation with Tibetan singing cups for activating ~balancing the chackras, allowing subconsciusness to uncover ancient memories..the power to renounce at addiction of pleasures in order to find true Happines inwards, even after the object of your desire perishes.. you still keep your serenity…. knowing that dreams creates angry in mind, disturbing strength of concentration, forgetting eventually our real Perceive : that we are here to earn Light and come back Home wiser.. .. otherwise.. once with our ephemere wishes, perishing ourselves too ..~ the Flight of Freedom comes from Contemplation of Absolute, till unifying with It, protecting It then by all your Life, struggling for your dreams, ’cause how a fellow can achieve Happiness without Peace…. awaken and high your divine Spirit… holding my arm, let”s Greatest our Wings.. I am here only to sparkle Love.. ” Je t’aime.. Comme un homme que je ne suis pas .. ” .. flowing into inner Universe opens the Gates of Infinity & Imortality for those that defeat their limits.. ‘Seek wisdom while you have the energy, or you may lose the energy sans gaining wisdom. Idries Shah

Favourite fuck-a-thon position: ~ ask the Moon how She enjoys the Starlets.. rotating in orbit as they explosion, as they dance in constellations …

What I do in my first-timer show: tai-chi practicioner, Kung fu tormentor,Kryia Yoga,Philosopical, Soft as a Poem of Beauty.. Spiritual, Respectful, kind, disciplined, cultivated, ethical, virtuous, honorable, dignified, having sympathy for Nature and its Creator..

What I don’t like: vulgar, lewd, impolite, sarcastic, arrogance, ignorant, uncultivated, coldness of heart

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